Migraine sufferers across the world are feeling the benefits of the soothing Migra-cap offering effective migraine relief. Read and view what some of our customers and media have said about the Migra-cap:

“A non-drug related way at controlling or relieving Migraine symptoms, which is good as it is a healthy alternative and relieves the fear of an attack”

Migra-Cap Customer, London, UK

“I have been very pleased indeed with my Migra-Cap, it gives considerable relief to my headaches. It soothes the pain whilst waiting for the medication to work, helps a lot with other headaches so I need fewer tablets”

Mrs Presland, Gloucester, UK

“Migra-Cap gives hope at the most dreadful time: It relaxes me. The effect of the coolness plus the completely enclosed and enclosing darkness. It is a comforting help and I would not be without it. I have recommended it to all my friends who suffer from headache and Migraine.”

Stevie Davies, South Wales, UK

“I found it better than other cold relief products because it covered my entire head.”

Ms N Evans, Oxford University, UK

“Thank you for allowing me to trial the Cap. Excellent Product. Also have made use of it with my Children (from fridge only) when they had high temperatures/flu”. (Migraine Action Association Member)

Mrs Cox, Participant in Migra-Cap Trials, North Wales, UK

“Not only did we find it a brilliant help for migraine relief, but if you have only a slight headache or feeling a bit stressed pop it on and you have an instant stress free zone.”

Mrs A Jarvis, South Wales, UK

“Thank you Migra-Cap. My daughter has suffered from migraine attacks for three years and until now, has never been able to experience real relief until all of the symptoms have passed. Use of the Migra-Cap has brought almost instant relief and has shortened the duration of the migraine attacks.”

Mrs Tina Hamilton, Wales, UK

“In all cases I got relief with the Migra-Cap, which I would consider valuable. It was very useful in combination with medication and enabled me to sleep more comfortably.” (Migraine Action Association Member)

Susan Thacker, Participant in Migra-Cap Trial, Gloucester, UK

“I would just like to say a huge thank you for Migra-Cap. It is a godsend for me as I won’t take medication and the Migra-Cap is fabulous. It felt so wonderful that tears of relief came to my eyes. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.” (Migraine Action Association Member)

Mrs Debbie Pentland, Participant in Migra-Cap Trials, UK

“Thank you for the Cap. It is very effective in helping to endure these vicious headaches. It is so much more effective than various others I have tried. The pads are placed in just the right places and the soothing effect is very helpful.” (Migraine Action Association Member)

Mr George Farrell, Participant in Migra-Cap Trial, Lancs, UK

“I was pregnant during some of the trial so it was reassuring to have something to use that would have no adverse affects. Overall I was impressed with the Migra-Cap.” (Migraine Action Association)

Mrs Jones, Participant in Migra-Cap Trials, UK

“Thank you for a wonderful product! I used it in conjunction with my painkillers, but the turn around was so quick that I know it was down to the Mmigra-Cap. It was so lovely to have the coolness all over my head it eased the pain enormously. The best money I have ever spent. Thank you”

Nancy Hall, UK

“I would like to say Thank You for my Migra-Cap. It has made such a difference to my life; my Migraine headaches respond well to the cold pressure and darkness of the Cap”

Mrs Swinburne, South Wales, UK

“Its one of the best things I have ever bought, its really helps me get rid of all my stress when I get home and its good for hang overs!”

Mark Eynon, UK

“Migra-Cap acted as the dozen pairs of hands you wish you had to hold your head to relieve the pain during an attack”

D Preece, South Wales, UK

“A ‘must have’ for migraine sufferers”

Doretta Knowles, USA

“Wonderful invention”

Nicky Westhead, Belgium

“Wonderfully Awesome”

Christine Andrews, Florida, USA

“It really works

Jennifer Sandvoss, Missouri, USA